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About us

We are the Inernational Foundation of Microbiology, a not for profit organization founded in 1967 with its sole purpose of providing public understanding of Microbiology with the hope that through such an understanding we would be able to have healthy and prosperous global societies free of the devastating affects of infectious and contagious diseases.

In this endeavour we want to empower the individual so the people could take care of their own health and well being and that of their families.

Our aim also is to enable people to live in harmoney with the microbes without being obsessively afraid of them.

That requires knowledge of microbes, their life processes and habitat i.e., where they are found and how they get on and into our bodies and how and at what rate they grow and how they produce particular diseases.

Knowing these parameters will enable people to prevent the microbes from getting hold of their bodies and thereby not produce the particular disease they are capable of producing.

While the above description pertains to the disease producing organisms of which there are not that many, we also emphasize the beneficial activities of the useful microbes such as those involved in agriculture such as the nitrogen fixers, those involved in the variety of useful fermentation industries, the antibiotic producers giving us useful antibiotics for treating microbial diseases, those involved in waste disposal and recycling elements, and the probiotic ones which contribute to the health of our digestive tract and thereby to the overall health of our bodies.